Welcome to Luxury Lettering 101!

Are You Ready to Elevate your Calligraphy Business from Hobby to High-End?

Sure, doing work for friends' weddings was a good start. But being overworked and underpaid gets old fast. We're here to tell you that there is more out there in the industry of calligraphy and lettering for you!

We're talking about the lucrative world of Live Calligraphy & Personalization for Luxury Brands.

You know, sitting in a beautiful designer boutique, sipping a glass of bubbly and personalizing high-end items for eagerly awaiting customers. The type of gig where your artistry is not only appreciated, but celebrated. The types of clients who don't bat an eye at four-figure invoices. It's the good life, and we're spilling the secrets about all of it!

Course Curriculum

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  Module 1: How to Get Hired by Luxury Brands
Available in days
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  Module 2: Common Surfaces & Corresponding Tools
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  Module 3: A brand reached out to you… now what?!
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  Module 4: Before You Go On-Site
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  Module 5: Professional Practice
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  Module 6: Creating Repeat Clients
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  Bonus Module: Contracts - Why you need one, and what to put in it
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  Bonus: A New Income Stream!
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Ready to elevate your calligraphy business and go from hobby to high-end?

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Combined, we have done calligraphy for a total of over 50 brands. After getting so many questions about how we did it, we decided to put our heads together and create this in-depth class for calligraphers - to help YOU land these lucrative gigs working with your dream clients!

Hear what our students have to say:

Margaret Wong, Sincerely Bo

I signed up for Luxury 101 because I am a calligrapher who is new to on-site event collaboration.

I would highly recommend this course as it provided me with all the necessary foundation and on-going support to start my side hustle. The course is loaded with insightful content.

There are two key take-aways from the course I would highlight amongst the many things I have learned.

The first is good tips of search engine marketing advice that I leveraged to revamp my site for more site traffic. It is hard to start out as a new calligrapher if business cannot find you!

The second highlight is applying the contract negotiation and pricing strategy on my first gig.

Thank you once again for giving me the confidence to follow my passion!

Rosie Chhun | Wander Crafter

"I fell in love with calligraphy during pharmacy school. At any given point in class, you would find me lettering while paying attention in class. After graduating from school, I left with 6 figures of loans, eep. Everyone told me to start monetizing my lettering skills and I figured this would be a great way to do what I loved while paying back the debt. 

After 2 years of selling calligraphy items and services on Etsy, I felt like I was making pennies per item for the hard work I put in and my debt was becoming overwhelming. It turns out that I was severely underpricing and undervaluing my calligraphy skills. After completing Luxury Lettering 101, I realized the true earning potential of my calligraphy skills and the course has been absolutely essential towards my growth as a calligrapher.

I learned to value myself as an artist and connected with clients that respect it just as much! Not only did my earnings from lettering quintuple last month, but I am creating products that I LOVE making by targeting my ideal clients.

Since signing up for the course, I've worked with a handful of luxury lettering gigs and will be teaching my first class this month! LL101 pays for itself after booking one lettering gig and is getting me closer to paying off my loans early! I am ecstatic about where my business growth is heading, and I could not have done it without the support from Sylvia, Jodi, and the ladies of LL101!"

Manolya Yilmaz, Magnolia Letters & Co

As someone who has a background in fashion journalism and marketing, I always wanted to combine that knowledge with my calligraphy skills.

I booked my first luxury lettering gig just a week before I joined the course and I had so many questions going into it.

The course prepared me for my first big gig! I felt so confident after taking the course.

Even though I attended lots of events in my career, I couldn’t even think about adding a few items to my contract, because I had no on-site experience as a “vendor”.

My favorite thing about Luxury Lettering 101 is the private Facebook group that’s filled with talented, kind and like-minded calligraphers. It’s very active and everyone is so supportive – rooting for one another and learning from each other.

I’m so glad I took this course and it has already paid for itself with my first on-site gig.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their calligraphy to the next level and go into their next gig feeling prepared and confident.

"How do I know I'm ready to do on-site lettering for luxury brands?"

⚡Have you been doing calligraphy for long enough that you feel highly confident in your skills?

⚡Do you enjoy doing calligraphy on unusual surfaces, such as leather, glass bottles, etc? (Or if you haven't done this before, does it interest you?)

⚡Are you able to hold a full conversation while doing calligraphy at the same time?

⚡Are you comfortable having people watch you work?

Did you answer “yes” to most of those questions? Then you are ready to take your Calligraphy Career to the next level and start working with Luxury Brands!

Who is this course for?

Calligraphers & hand-lettering artists who are looking to work with luxury brands, but don’t know where to begin.

Will you teach me lettering skills?

This course is for those who already know how to do calligraphy, have established a style, and are looking to get into a new stream of income.