...That's where we come in!

Here’s what’s inside the course:

An illustration of a bouquet of pink flowers
Module 1: Get to know your Subject

Learn how to familiarize yourself with florals & greenery so you can set yourself up for creative success

Illustration of a hand drawing a stem with delicate leaves
Module 2: Practice on paper & Build muscle memory

You’ve got to walk before you can run, so we’ll start with floral drawing exercises on paper, so you can build your skills and muscle memory.

Illustration of woman drawing on a perfume bottle
Module 3: Learn to draw on 3 dimensional objects

We’ll take those drawing skills and learn how to transfer them to any 3 dimensional object.

Illustration of a perfume bottle engraved with a floral illustration
Module 4: Combine Art & Engraving

You’ll apply everything you’ve learned so far and combine it with your engraving knowledge to create beautiful floral engravings.

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Ready to Upgrade your Calligraphy Engraving Offerings by Adding Floral Illustrations to your Skillset?